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Sacred Wisdom Retreats

The Journey Begins

answer the call of your soul.

cusco / sacred valley / machu picchu

JUNE 2020


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The journey begins.

cusco / sacred valley / machu picchu

june 2020

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What would it be like if you removed the filters that keep you from seeing, tasting, hearing, touching and smelling what is? This retreat is for anyone ready to explore!

Designed to enrich your experience of the world around you, this retreat incorporates morning meditations, inspiring workshops and off-the-beaten path tours to sacred sites and stunning vistas. We’ll learn how to open our hearts to create a deeper connection to our senses as our mind/body awareness evolves. We’ll explore how our “sense” of perception interacts with our minds’ interpretations.

And as we tour Cusco and the Sacred Valley, we’ll savor the present, live moment-by-moment, and awaken our own potential.

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Cusco, Peru